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This four volume issue entitled “Tiwanaku y su Fascinante Desarrollo” (Tiwanaku and its Fascinating Cultural Development), constitutes a landmark of the Archaeology in Bolivia, since it is a real breakthrough in the research of the pre-Columbian past in Bolivia. It goes beyond the mere description, it uncovers the most relevant aspects of Tiwanaku’s culture like the political, economical, technological, socio-cultural and intellectual systems, foreign interactions, topics considered out of reach before.

Within this unique literary work Archaeologist Dr Carlos Ponce Sanginés concludes his scientific labour in which compiles all of his best five decade experience dealing with excavations, valuation and studies of monuments and cultural expressions of Tiwanaku. Such text, divided in four series of books is outstanding because it reveals an ancient structured culture in accordance with a refined scientific methodology. In fact, such an edition has been considered the best reference of Tiwanaku ever known up to date and for sure it is expected to remain for a long time due to the immense and solid information gathered in it.Ponce Sanginés is well known as one of the most prominent archaeologists not just in his country but in foreign countries in Latin-America. He institutionalized Archaeology in Bolivia, and founded the Centres of Archaeological Research in Tiwanaky, Iskanwaya and Samaipata, as well as the National Institute of Archaeology. After leaving official jobs, he set up a private scientific entity, The Centre of Anthropological Research Tiwanaku. Nowadays he has been working as a Chief Researcher in Archaeology at Universidad Americana.

This work is made up of a synthesis of the results obtained of Tiwanaku, scientific research on which he has patiently been performing since 1948. As he started working in the field in 1957, the ruins showed a desolate aspect. The field had been turned into the pastures for the next town’s cattle, therefore he took over a majestic job since then.

Tiwanaky is undoubtedly the pride of Bolivia and it has been declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. The excavation, restoration and information are good enough motives for the bolivians to be in debt of gratitude with ultimate researcher Carlos Ponce Sanjinés. His valuable contributions in Semi-subterranean Temple and Kalasasaya research will remain among his accomplishments. It certainly has been a success by La Universidad Americana led by Principal Eng. Gonzalo Arze Alba and Producciones CIMA’s General Manager Lic. Carmelo Corzón Medina for issuing this work.


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